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Mama & Kids - Baby Milky Cream 310g

  • Brand: Mama & Kids
  • Product Code: mamakids003
  • Availability: In Stock
HK$658.00 HK$598.00

product description

* 1 milky lotion containing moisturizing ingredients close to fetal fat and amniotic fluid, imitating the environment of the womb and protecting the baby's skin

* Suitable for babies from shortly after birth. It can be used daily for whole body care.

* Use in dry season, will moisturize the skin and keep the skin moist. Also suitable for spring and summer.

* No fragrance, no color, weak acidity, low irritation, no parabens, no alcohol (ethanol), no mineral oil, no petroleum-based surfactants


main ingredient

Baby lotion (neuraminamine, cholesterol, phospholipids, triglycerides) (moisturizing and protecting ingredients), 8 kinds of moisturizing amino acids, multifunctional moisturizing ingredients (trehalose, xylitol, active moisturizing factor®, PCA sodium) (moisturizing ingredients) ), Squalane, Natural Vitamin E

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