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Mama & Kids - Natural Mark Cream 470g

  • Brand: Mama & Kids
  • Product Code: mamakids012
  • Availability: In Stock
HK$868.00 HK$768.00

Cream for pregancy body which gently expands and dries


It is a body cream mixed with radix extract or argan oil which keeps the skin flexible. Of course not only stomach, it will only extend to body that tends to be casually attached, such as hips and thighs. With a smooth texture without stickiness, it will lead to a moist and beautiful body moistly.

Tummy / side    Move your hands alternately and extend the cream from the lower abdomen to the chest. Aside from the chest, let 's raise it up.

Arm    Both the outside and the inside, gently blend from the wrist towards the top.

Buttocks / thighs    Stretch as you lift your skin from bottom to top. Please spread under the bottom of the forgets that tend to forget from the inside to the outside.


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