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Rapid Flu Test-DR FREEMAN FLU/RSV Combo Test Kit 10 test kits

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Influenza illness classically presents with sudden onset of fever, chills, headache,myalgia, and a non-productive cough. Influenza viruses can also cause pandemics, during which rates of illness and death from influenza-related complications can increase dramatically. Patients who present with suspected influenza may benefit from treatment with an antiviral agent especially if given within the first 48 hours of onset of illness. It is important to rapidly distinguish influenza A from influenza B in order to allow physicians a choice in selective antiviral intervention.

Moreover, it is important to determine if influenza A or B is causing symptomatic disease in a particular institution (e.g., nursing home) or community, so that appropriate preventative intervention can be taken for susceptible individuals. It is therefore important to not only rapidly determine whether influenza is present, but also which type of influenza virus is present.

Dr. Freeman FLU/RSV Combo offers a quick, easy and accurate home based Flu test for quick screening so that patients can obtain proper treatment earlier.

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4)  Wait for 8 minutes and then read the result.
**Read the result at exactly 8 minutes for more accurate results.

Product Warnings: 

1. For in vitro diagnostic use only, patients should consult medical professionals for the confirmation of diagnosis.

2. Do not use the test device beyond the expiration date.

3. Do not use the test device if the pounch is damaged or the seal is broken.

4. The test result should be used in conjunction with order clinical information such as clinical signs, symptoms and other test results to diagnose influenza or RSV infections.

5. Handle all specimens as potentially infections.

6. Keep the pounch sealed until use and once it is opened, use it immediately.

7. Do not use reagents from another kit.

8. Do not use sputum as specimen. 

9. Parental help is recommended for collecting nasopharyngeal swab from children.

Storage Condition:

1. Store the test device packaged in a sealed foil at 2 to 30 °C (36~38°F).

2. Used by/ expiry date: please refer to information on the package.

Country of Origin: Korea

Packing Spec: 10 test kit

This product is designed for primary screening only. The test result should be used in conjunction with other clinical information to diagnose influenza or RSV infections. Patients with suspected infection should consult medical professionals for proper treatment.

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Flu/RSV Combo is a one step diagnostic test designed for qualitative determination of influenza type A, type B (not type C) and RSV type A, type A2, type B virus infection using nasopharynegeal swab specimen of symptomatic patients with time to results of 8 minutes. 

Product Usage: 

1) Collect the nasopharyngeal swab specimen.

2) Inset the swab sample into the test tube.